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Pride Parade/Hubble Picnic/Gardening & Water Falls

What do all four have in common?

Nothing really, but I photographed the Prince George, BC Pride Parade, the Hubble Homestead picnic for our Photo Club’s annual picnic, some garden results we’re getting & Hixon Falls when I went there for the first time! I just haven’t blogged much about any of them so here they are with some select picture for you to view and as always the rest are on my Flickr share at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel.

Prince George Pride Parade

We went to the Pride parade on July 19th, 2016. I expected a bit more racy and drag stuff but it was very family friendly and nothing anyone could consider “offensive” (well, nothing anyone in this day and age should consider offensive.) Here are a couple of images from Pride.

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I enjoyed working with the images, making some with Black & White backgrounds. It takes more work but I like the results. More images are in my album here https://flic.kr/s/aHskCuhmqW.

Picnic at Hubble Homestead

Each year the Photo Club (Prince George Photographic Society) has it’s member picnic. This year we held it at Hubble Homestead. I had brought my remote shutter release and long exposure filters with me in the hopes of trying them out along the river. Unfortunately the shutter release didn’t work and I made a simple mistake of using the wrong ND filters. So, I bombed out on that try! Still, I got a few images on the O’l Homestead that I liked. Here’s a couple for you.

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More images are in my album here https://flic.kr/s/aHskAx4L69.

Garden Shots

I bought a new off camera flash for my gear. I hadn’t really worked with one before so when my wife told me she was going to harvest our currents I decided I better get out there and try it out. Putting on my Macro lens and using my flash off camera (remotely) I experimented with the currents. Then a few others! Here are a couple of images for you.

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There is more in my album here https://flic.kr/s/aHskAx6Bwb.

Hixon Falls

Hixon Falls is fairly close to where I live (Hixon being about an hour away). So, after living here for twenty one years there really wasn’t a good reason to have not been there yet! I thought this would be another opportunity to try out my ND filters with long exposure – cause who doesn’t like a great water fall shot! Right? Once again I ran into issues – but I over came them. This time I used the correct ND filters (yea me…) and managed a few long exposure images I’m happy with (if not terribly interesting at least technically correct!) So, here are a few for you.

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I took several pictures from above the falls to show how dangerous that area is. There are no warning signs posted – just memorial signs, so if you above the falls be careful. The slopes above falls are very step and extremely difficult to get up. We went back to the parking area and walked up a side road till we could hear the falls. Then started following paths in and quickly found the top of the falls. I think this image best displays just how dangerous it is up there.

Shows dangerously steep cliff side to water fall

More images of the top side are in my album here https://flic.kr/s/aHskETciaj


McInnis Lighting and Garden Shots

This morning the Prince George Photographic Society went to McInnis Lighting here in Prince George. The store was closed but Dan (employee) volunteered to attend and open the store to us so we could take pictures. The subject was a bit tough for me but I decided to take up the challenge and participate anyway. I’ve never even considered photographing light fixtures before so – off I went…

I’m glad I did, I think I got some interesting shots of really unique and wonderful looking fixtures. I really liked the ones that remind me of planetary objects! More McInnis Lighting images can be found on my Flickr share at in the McInnis Lighting Album.

After McInnis Lighting I went home and took some pictures in our front garden. I tried out my “new” (to me) fish eye 8mm lens for the first time – interesting perspective, I’m going to have to use it a little more. I also used by LED ring light to help keep the shutter speed fast. I didn’t want the wind to be a bother while I took my time finding ways to capture the images without the nuisance backgrounds creeping in. You can see them in my flickr share at https://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel.

Garden Shots, Aug 2nd 2013

I took today off so I had the opportunity to spend some time in the garden taking pictures. I had a couple of happy moments…

The first was after I decided to get a picture of the potato flowers, they are this rich violet and yellow and just had to be captured. I set up my rickety old tripod and set my camera to manual focus and manual settings. I took a test shot and then took a couple more and had what I wanted. Then I got disappointed because I wanted to take more pictures but I had what I wanted – and then it hit me. I’m getting the pictures I want – sooner! That was my first happy moment.

The second was when I was trying to get a better picture of our sunflower. I noticed a yellow colored spider sitting there and then a bee landed on a petal just behind where the spider was. Next was dance that had me wondering if the bee actually knew the spider was there and was luring it away so it could get the nectar where the spider was!  What happened next was straight out of a comedy I’d seen, you know the one where one fellow is looking for another and they both circle a pillar looking for the other! As the spider climbed over and under the petal the bee came around over the top of it and straight to where the spider had been sitting just moments earlier.

Did it really do that? Did the bee deliberately land there and lure the spider over there so it could get to that spot?

While the bee was apparently gathering nectar, the spider came back around the petal and moved into for the kill.

I didn’t know it till I got the images on the computer, but the spider had a web trap, all around where it was sitting and the bee was caught in it. I have allot of pictures to process and hope to turn them into an animated gif so you can see it happen the way I did. For now, you’ll just have to enjoy the shots in garden at my flickr share here http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel Here area couple to wet your appetite.

Shows a sunflower with blue sky for background


Shows violet colored petals around a yellow centre for potato flowers

Potato Flowers

Shows a baby cucumber with flower still attached

Baby Cucumber

Shows a grasshopper on a fence panel


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