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Experiments in New Worlds, Perseids Meteors & Flowers

I started experimenting with making small worlds from my photographs. I’m not skilled in using Photoshop – despite that, I’m fairly happy with the end result. I’ll keep doing more of them and trying to perfect the technique so I can minimise my Photoshop-ing.

Shows a playground turned into a world of trees and the playground

Little World

Next up are some flowers my wife has grown from seed. I wanted to practice a little with my flash and capture the flowers using a macro lens. Using the flash allowed me to hand hold the camera. I’m happy with the results and look forward to doing more macro photography. Here’s a couple with the rest in my flickr share here https://flic.kr/s/aHskGjnDy6

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Persied Meteor Showers

I’ve been looking forward to this event all week. I planned to go to a lonely place in the dark and setup for a long night on my own to take pictures and hopefully capture a few meteors. Here are the images from the skies https://flic.kr/s/aHskGjE882 and couple to preview.

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While processing my images I discovered I captured a galaxy (Triangulum I think). To the galaxy you’ll have to go the Flickr share and look at the high resolution image there. Look on the right side of the image about middle of the way up. You’ll also see some meteor streaks near it. After a while I put my fish eye lens on and captured the Milkyway over West Lake.  



We were out on the farm (private property, so geo tags are not included on this set of images) to plant potatoes (well, my wife was…) and thought I’d go in search of pictures. As I walked to the hay-field I noticed a path through it, so I followed that. I came across a few flowers and I took images of them. I was surprised at how “alive” the rose was, it was crawling with very tiny insects – cool!

I carried on into the forest beyond the fence and found a few opportunities there as well. I walked towards a creek on the property and surprised a bear in hiding – not a good thing to do. It jumped up a tree to get a better look at me (and presumably size me up for dinner?) I immediately started backing away from it as I was only about 20 feet away. I took the chance to snap a quick shot (or two) but not much more. The second was blurry and the bear was starting to grunt and climb down. Fortunately the brown, black bear and I went our separate ways. My wife reminded me that it could have ended much differently…

From the hay-field I tried to set up a number of images to use for a panoramic view of the Rockies off in the distance – but I’ve spent several hours trying to correct Windows 10 upgrade issues with permissions on my computer (way to go Microsoft…) It seems that Hugin can’t handle something about the images as well and the latest version won’t install (actually any Microsoft installer seems to be having issues.) So, when I get that straightened out I’ll post something about it then. Till then here are a few images I’m happy with and the rest as usual are on my Flickr share at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel. I’ll always try to upload smaller resolution images here to help you with viewing and you’ll always be able to view higher resolution images on my Flickr share.

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McInnis Lighting and Garden Shots

This morning the Prince George Photographic Society went to McInnis Lighting here in Prince George. The store was closed but Dan (employee) volunteered to attend and open the store to us so we could take pictures. The subject was a bit tough for me but I decided to take up the challenge and participate anyway. I’ve never even considered photographing light fixtures before so – off I went…

I’m glad I did, I think I got some interesting shots of really unique and wonderful looking fixtures. I really liked the ones that remind me of planetary objects! More McInnis Lighting images can be found on my Flickr share at in the McInnis Lighting Album.

After McInnis Lighting I went home and took some pictures in our front garden. I tried out my “new” (to me) fish eye 8mm lens for the first time – interesting perspective, I’m going to have to use it a little more. I also used by LED ring light to help keep the shutter speed fast. I didn’t want the wind to be a bother while I took my time finding ways to capture the images without the nuisance backgrounds creeping in. You can see them in my flickr share at https://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel.

Mushrooms and flowers

While the garden didn’t take off this year there are still picture opportunities in it. Here are a few of that I took yesterday.

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