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Hill Top 20170206

We went to our little slice of heaven yesterday. It was a cold day but I enjoyed the time on the hill top. I took some pictures of tracks and things I just liked looking at. Nothing earth shattering but stuff I liked.

Here are a few images for you with more at my flickr share here http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel.

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Blue Spruce Trail – Aug 25th, 2013

Tracy and I took Danny and Spot for a 5K walk on the Blue Spruce trail today. We started by dropping off the truck at the north end by UNBC and drove over to the south end by Bluce Ceders camp ground. The walk was lovely with sun shinning on us or through the forest canopy. Danny and Spot loved the walk as much as we did. I did some macro photography along the way looking for the different coloured berries and mushrooms that may have popped up since it started raining here. Here are a few photos for you, the rest are at my flickr share http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel.Shows a cluster of mushrooms with the gills of one displayed promenently Shows a cluster of red berries Shows red berries on a low lying plant

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