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Prism Photography 20170307

The photo club went and purchased twenty two six inch glass prisms. Members purchased them from the club and now our challenge is to make great images using prisms. In our last meeting in February we practiced a bit with our prisms in the church meeting room. Some folks brought lights, backgrounds and things to take pictures of. Here are a couple of my practice pictures, higher resolution ones will be in my flickr share here and I take more I’ll upload them there as well.

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Hill Top 20170206

We went to our little slice of heaven yesterday. It was a cold day but I enjoyed the time on the hill top. I took some pictures of tracks and things I just liked looking at. Nothing earth shattering but stuff I liked.

Here are a few images for you with more at my flickr share here

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Father’s Day & Hudson’s Bay Wetland Nature Park with PGPS

My daughter invited me picture taking for Father’s Day. So, her husband and son (my grandson 🙂 as well as my wife all went to Forests for the World. While we romped around Shane Lake I managed to find a few things that intrigued me enough for picture taking. The Dragonfly’s were wonderful and quite busy in their comings and goings. Frogs – excuse me, toads – were plentiful as well. I like to upload images of things I find to and have been corrected on these amphibian observations. You can view the observations here and here Here are some of the images I captured that day with more on my flickr share at

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On Tuesday the Prince George Photographic Society went to the Hudson’s Bay Wetland Nature Park for our last meeting before summer break. Here is a “group” shot of members enjoying the observation deck that the Prince George Naturalists Club recently installed.

Shows a bunch of photographers on and around an observation deck taking pictures and enjoying the sites


Field Trip with PGPS, June 25th, 2013

The photo club wrapped up tonight with a field trip to start us on our summer project of photographing public art. At the end of the night we met at Tim Horton’s and chatted before heading home. I tried a new skill tonight and I am pleased with the result. More images in my flickr share at

Large flower pot with lots of blooming flowers, zoomed in for special effect.

Northern Festival of Lights

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and now is about time I post something! So… What better than my latest images? Last night we went up to Connought hill and did some night time photography of the Northern Festival of Lights. Here are a couple of shots and the rest as usual can be found at my flicker share here

Northern Lights Festival gateway arch in christmas lights

Northern Lights Festival

Nativity scene outline in christmas lights


Class Assignment

I took another one of Ted Zimmerman’s photography courses. I’m glad I did. Today we did a class assignment up at the University of Northern British Columbia. Here is some of my effort.

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Moon Shot

My first attempt to capture the moon using totally manual settings.

The moon

The Moon

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