Ancient Forest – 20180623

We took a little road trip on Saturday. Followed Highway 16 east till we decided to go home. Along the way we stopped at the Ancient Forest parking lot to have a look at the changes there. Wow. Lots and lots of new parking and a new picknic shelter is there.

In fact I used the shelter for some abstract images. I’ll have to go out and try again with a tripod and a little more care. These ones didn’t work as well as I had hoped for them to. Still, they look OK.

We saw many bears along highway 16 but I could never get my camera focused and on target with a sharp enough image. Sorry, no bears for you today!

Here are a few images from the trip. More in my flickr share at

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“Meet Your Inner Artist” – Results: What do you think?

OK the two day workshop is over and on Monday I went out and took a few pictures. Putting into practice what I learned from Chris Harris’ “Meet Your Inner Artist” workshop (I recomend it by the way).

I chose these images because I liked the colouring and the effect. Some are multiple exposures with motion to achieve some level of abstractness. Only one image is a full abstact and I actually like it the most – yet I really like the other ones too!

Here are a few of them with the rest on my flicker share at

a dreamy forest of trees and green brush

Dream Forest

I wanted to enhance the natural beauty of a stand of aspens. This multiple exposure brought out the dreamy feel.

abstract image showing mostly white and green

Logs’n Bush

In this image I wanted to share the contrast between two birch logs and the green brush above them. I love how it turned out.

abstract of colours, white, green and light brown


Well, not everything can be perfect – I still like it though. It’s a few birch trees with green brush at their base. I was simply trying to find things with contrast and try the new techniques out with my camera.

Chris Harris – “Meet Your Inner Artist” Workshop May 26/27, 2018

The Prince George Photographic Society arranged with Chris Harris to come to Prince George and do a workshop on abstract photography. Harris is an excellent photographer who has published several books on British Colubia’s interior with his images. You can learn more about Harris at We are very lucky and happy to have him here talking, sharing and demonstrating how he experiments with abstract photography.

After spending the morning listening to Harris explain the how and why, while viewing his images we headed out for practical experience ourselves – with Harris always present and helpful.

While my practice images today are not fully abstract, I am happy with the results.

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It was nice learning how to do something I never imagined doing before and it was fun learning and putting into practice a new technique. Since my camera can only do three multiple exposures at a time I thought I wouldn’t get great images. But as a fellow particpant pointed out (who had the same camera as me) we can do overlays within camera. Painting, Bently Centre, and Vanes are two images, each composed of multiple exposures then overlayed in camera.

I’ve only processed the images by slight cropping, contrast, colour adjustments, filters and/or sharpening/blurring a little. Each image is a result of multiple exposures in camera. More images are in my flickr share at

Dew Drop Alpacas – 20180310

I went with the Prince George Photographic Society went to Drew Drop Alpacas on Saturday March 10th, 2018. The alpacas were all really lovely and obviously well cared for.

I’m very happy with my new photo editing software. I spent most of the winter playing with it and getting used to using it. It is allowing me to do far more and faster with my images. If you’re looking for something yourself, check out ON1 Photo Raw 2018. I’m really impressed with the “perfect erase” tool. The alpacas all had a lot of hay/straw on them and the erase tool was really useful to remove alot of it from the images.

Here are a few images for you, the rest are on my flickr share at

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Heaven – Well, our little slice of it anyway – October 29, 2017

I spent a little time walking through the pathway I made looking for things to take pictures of. Stopping every few feet and just looking. Some things I think are interesting but didn’t bother to develop those images. Some things I thought might be nice to share. So, here is a little slice of our heaven with more in my flickr share here

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Alan’s Scrap Yard – October 22, 2017

In October the Prince George Photgraphic Society went to Alan’s Scrap Yard here in Prince George. It’s not really my kind of place for insperation – still, I tried to get some shots I could use for a little abstract work.

I found out about On1’s RAW photo processor and thought I’d give a try. I decided to process these images using it and it’s filters/effects. Here are a couple images, the rest as usual are in my flickr share here

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Tumbler Ridge Trip – June 23rd – 25th, 2017

The photo club went to Tumbler Ridge a couple of weeks ago. I’ve spent some time putting more effort into editing my images and making a proper workflow for myself. I’m happier with my images and the results. I’ll post a few images below but I’m still processing, so there will be more posted in my flickr share in the days to come.

First though, I want to tell you a story of listening to “experts”. I have struggled with getting my images “sharp” for along time. Sometimes I nailed it, sometimes – not. I’ve asked over the years and I’ve been told many things. I’ve tried the katzeye but that didn’t seem to help me get consistent results. I tried the zoom in till you’ve zoomed all the way while chimping. But nearly everytime I got an image onto my computer when I zoomed in to 100% there was a problem with the focus. My images were, well – soft at best to much of the time. I’ve started obsessing with what was going on and finaly a month ago I had a breakthrough.

You see, I’ve been listening to “experts”. I had heard and was told over and over that lenses were created to operate best (sharpest) at F9 to F11 and I simply accepted that. My breakthrough came when I took a picture on a really bright sunny day (so a really fast shutter speed) and while sitting (so little body movement) of a sign (so absolutely stationary). It was soft – again. It finally occurred to me to try different apertures and I did.

The lens I was using was the lens I use most often, a Tamron 70-300 and boy was I suprised to find out that F8 was not sharp. The sweet spot for my lens turned out to be F19 – F22. I finally feel like I can take pictures again! Well, in Tumbler Ridge I did just that.

The club arrived at the hotel Friday night and we did our usual pot luck dinner.

Saturday morning we headed over to the Dinasour Discovery Gallery. From there we went to see the dinasour tracks along the Flatbed Creek. Afterwards we went for lunch near the city hall and then off to Bullmoose Marshes. We went to Western Steak House for dinner (I won’t do that again, see my review in the link) and then to Quality Creek Falls.

Sunday morning we headed out to the Shipyard-Tatanic Hiking Trails. Let me just say “OMG!” What a gem we have there.

I stayed at my son’s place Sunday night and headed home Monday and I’m glad I did. Stopping along the way I had the pleasure of taking pictures of wildlife I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to.

Better than that though is now that I know what is wrong with my hit/miss sharp pictures – I took hundreds of really nice images. Here are a few for you with more in my flickr share (with more to come there) here

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