Abstracts – 2019/04/11

Abstracts were something I never thought I’d get into. I just don’t understand abstract art and thought it would be the same with photography. Then I learned how to do multiple exposures with my camera and started to see the posabilities.

Now I have a new camera and I can do more than three exposures at once, so I have been. I’m fairly happy with the results I’m getting and I am enjoying doing something different.

Here are some I liked from last weekend. I hope you enjoy them, I certainly enjoyed making them. As usual, here is my fliker photo share

Once a Forest is a slow shutter speed with an upward camera motion. The lens is set to a wide angle wich gives us the curved sides and straight centre. A little colour boost to the blues and another one to the greens and then a texture to give it a bit of an aged look.

Portal is a multiple exposure with the centre of the staying on a fixed point as the camera is rotated in a circular motion. It kind of looks like a portal to another world.

Roll is another multiple exposure done in the same maner as Portal. In camera it looked like a snail but once I got it onto the computer I found to much detail and experimented with rotating the whole image. Now it looks like God just reached down and started rolling up the earth.


March 25th, 2019 – Abstracts

Using new settings on my new camera I wanted to capture some abstracts using some techniques I’ve learned in past workshops. I wanted to experiment a little with the new setup and try multiple exposures. My camera allows me to chose between two and ten photos for merging. It also allows me to overlay, lighten, darken or average them together. I mostly stayed with averaging as that was giving me some neat images to work with. Next time I’ll have to try using the darkening one as that looked pretty nifty as well.

Here is my favourite image from the batch with more here

Birch Bark on Snow

March 23rd, 2019

A little more abstract photography and just some neat snow formation. Working with the slow shutter speed and camera movement is proving to have good results for me. I’m working on getting better composotions now that I can start to visualize what the end product will look like so expect more of this kind of photography.

Spring Abstract

I can’t help but wonder, how does the sun melt the snow in such a way that this ‘sculpture’ out lasts the rest of the snow around it?

Snow Scape

Art in Photography – March 18, 2019

I spent some time out on the property with my new camera and lens. I wanted to use it as I get used to the new system. Same make but an updated model.

I wanted to use some of the work shop knowledge I gotten and to capture something for the photo clubs next challenge which is a slow shutter speed. I came out with two images I like.

Eskers Provincial Park 2019/02/17

Eskers Provincial Park was established December 4th, 1987. It is about 40km North West from Prince George, BC. It’s a beautiful park to visit – even in the winter.

The Prince George Photographic Society decided to make a field trip to Eskers today. It was a low turn out because it was cold in the moring. However, in the afternoon on my way home I spotted a couple of other club members coming out (now that it warmed up a bit).

The snow was pretty and the park was quite. The only sounds were the crunching of the snow under our snowshoes. Not many people were there so we only saw other visitors sporatically.

I wanted to go to put my new camera to work and see how well my old 70-300 Tamron lens was working now that it had been repaired.

Repaired? Yeah, turns out half the problem with getting a nice crisp clear image with it was the fact that it’s focus was out just slightly. To bad I hadn’t noticed that sooner. At least it was repaired under warrenty – despite the fact I bought it like seven years ago!

I found I’m drawn to the lonely or solitar trees for images. I didn’t bother swapping lenses today because I was just being lazy. Anyway, here are some images, more are on my flickr site here http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel

Foot of the beaver dam
In the grasp of winter

Canadian Museum for Human Rights – 2018-10-27

Recently I had the chance to travel to Winnipeg Manitoba. I had enough time to visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights while I was there. Why did I choose to visit such a place when going to museums wasn’t a thing I usually do? Someone told me I should if I get the chance. So, I did.

It was a little depressing as I looked at all things we humans do to each other. I think animals treat each other better – even with a pecking order. 

The museum is eight stories tall and full of the atrocities we do to each other. There is a bright side to the museum though. The fight against the evil by the courageous people that stand up against the oppression.

That much was enough to make visiting this place something to put on your bucket list. I figured I only need to two hours of parking but alas, I needed more time and had to rush out. When you visit it, give yourself four or five hours and take your time to go through it.

I took several pictures using an IPhone – they turned out okay. Here are a few with the rest at my flickr share here https://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel/sets/72157703333538184

The main entrance
The fight for freedom

Ancient Forest – 20180623

We took a little road trip on Saturday. Followed Highway 16 east till we decided to go home. Along the way we stopped at the Ancient Forest parking lot to have a look at the changes there. Wow. Lots and lots of new parking and a new picknic shelter is there.

In fact I used the shelter for some abstract images. I’ll have to go out and try again with a tripod and a little more care. These ones didn’t work as well as I had hoped for them to. Still, they look OK.

We saw many bears along highway 16 but I could never get my camera focused and on target with a sharp enough image. Sorry, no bears for you today!

Here are a few images from the trip. More in my flickr share at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwgagel.

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